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❖ Video Branding > videography and webimercials.
❖ Audio Branding.
❖ Website Design & Development.
❖ Graphical Branding.
❖ Architectural Branding.
❖ Marketing Strategy Consultation.
❖ Corporate Identity.
❖ Web Security.
❖ Web Hosting.
❖ Hosting Management.
❖ Social Marketing.
❖ Presentations.
❖ E-Commerce Solutions.
❖ Business Name Solutions.
❖ Consultation.

Trademark Design > Identity & Branding

Trademark Design challenges us to use all the magic and intelligence at our command, all our skill, knowledge, vision, and ability, in the creation of a single, clear, direct image that will embody the character and aspirations of the organizations that come to us in search of an identity. We take pride in delivering solutions that might possibly leave no room for competition.
While often written off simply as logo design identity and branding work extends much beyond the creation of a company logo or trademark. The identity of any particular corporation or small business can encompass a variety of materials including business cards, marketing materials, staff uniforms, advertisements, television and radio commercials and company stationary. All of which use a set of standards created with the company identity that include specifics for use of typography, color and logo usage, among other things. A part of establishing the company brand, the identity work is important in conveying the principles, ideas and standards of the organization for which it is developed. Designers work together with strategists, copywriters, marketing directors and a host of other professionals to ensure that a brand identity is communicated effectively and efficiently from the client to the consumer.

Web Design & Development

Utilizing the versatility of our multidimensional expertise and technological competence, we deliver the right solutions for specific situations. Prior to project implementation, our analysts study your product requirements thoughtfully and thoroughly, taking into consideration the current needs and laying fundamental framework for future growth.
As an award winning design firm, we recognize the fact that usability, functionality and visualization are three of the most important factors when designing interfaces or web sites. Using this strategy, we work with you to ensure that your messaging and marketing goals are realized with the designs we create. Our process, which has been thoroughly developed and streamlined over the years, focuses on gathering as much of your company’s information through our pre-development survey before the design is started. By adhering to this practice we’re able to develop a design concept that will meet both your expectations and your marketing goals.

Marketing Strategies

With millions of products on the marketplace all claiming to be the best value for the money and each touting its own brand values, how can your product stand out among the clutter? The answer is powerful product branding. Every product or service created, modified or revitalized today faces this question. And every year, new powerful brands emerge in the marketplace to capture strong sales and customer loyalty. A successful marketing strategy depends on understanding your customers, what they need and how you can persuade them to buy from you.There's no substitute for knowledge. Experience and regular two-way communication will tell you a lot about your customers. But targeted market research will build a more detailed picture of customer segments with similar needs. It will help you understand how to target these people so you're not wasting time on people who aren't interested in your offer.But you'll also need to understand how your market works - where do your customers find out about your offer, for example? Your strategy should even tell you how you measure up against the competition and what new trends to expect in your market.

Web Design

  • Modern & Responsive

  • 100% Custom Design

  • Web Animations & Google Maps

  • 24hr Turn Around Time

Small Business Package - Terms & Conditions Apply


  • Security Checks

  • Site & Database Backup

  • Web Form & Links Testing

  • Site Edits

Small Business Package - Terms & Conditions Apply

Corporate Services

  • Brand Consultation

  • Corporate Branding

  • Corporate Identity & Graphic Design

  • Hosting Management

VAWG Media International specializes in creating and successfully building the perfect brand recognition, so our clients' services or products stand apart from their competitors.

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